Viking Security Safe VS-25SX Multi Gun Capacity Pistol Handgun Safe with Mechanical Simplex Lock

  • Dimensions: (in) H 9.9 x W 13.8 x D 9.9 (cm) H 25 x W 35 x D 25
  • Weight: (lb) 26.9 (kg) 12.2
  • UPC: 855113006315

Fast. Secure. Reliable Genuine Simplex lock. No need to worry about electronics or Key. The VS-25SX Gun Safe is made of alloy steel and is pry resistant with a uni-body construction for added strength and seamlessly welded finished with a black military coating. It includes a night light for coy operation and padding all around to prevent guns from damage.

  • Genuine Simplex lock- No electronics or keys to worry about.
  • 10-gauge steel uni-body construction with a massive 5mm tamper-resistant door. Thickest of its kind.
  • Door assisted Gas strut to help lift super heavy duty anti-pry door.
  • Dimensions: 9.9″h x 13.8″w x 9.9″d
  • 26.9 pounds

Additional Specifications:

  • Body material: Anti-scratch powder coating
  • Interior: All Sided Foam Interior Lining, Removable Extra Padding, Interior LED light
  • Locking system: Genuine Simplex Lock
  • Mounting: 2 Pre-drilled holes on the bottom with mounting kit
  • Color: Black
  • Exterior Dimensions: (in) H 9.9 x W 13.8 x D 9.9 (cm) H 25 x W 35 x D 25
  • Interior Dimensions Without Lock Mechanism: (in) H 9.7 x W 13.3 x D 9.5 (cm) H 24.5 x W 34 x D 24.5
  • Interior Dimensions With Lock Mechanism: (in) H 9.7 x W 13.3 x D 7.9 (cm) H 24.5 x W 34 x D 20
  • Door Clearance: (in) H 7.5 x W 11.4 (cm) H 19 x W 29
  • Safe Weight: (lb) 26.9 (kg) 12.2
  • Fireproof, Waterproof: No
  • Warranty: One-Year limited Warranty
  • Production: Designed in USA, made in China
  1. How can I prevent dampness/moisture in my safe?

    We suggest that you open the safe at least once every two weeks for approximately 20 minutes. To alleviate any musty odor, we suggest that you remove the items from the safe and wipe the interior with a paste of baking soda and water. In addition, do not store your safe unit in areas of your home or business with already high humidity levels.

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